Correo de un amigo checo recibido en la FNFF

25 de julio de 2018 por Redacción FNFF

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I just want to say hello to you from the Czech Republic and wish you good luck and peace in your meritorious work. A few days ago, I read that the Spanish government is about to desecrate the remains of both Caudil Frank and all the dead in your famous memorials. They even consider closing or even destroying this monument. I am very sorry I did not have the opportunity to visit this place and to worship the generalissimo Franco. And I hope for my heart and I believe that such criminal intentions will fail. I am intensely interested in history and especially in Spain during the Civil War, and I do not understand that someone in Spain is unable to understand what generalissimo Franco has proven and prevented. I even read that some representatives of the Church question the historical merits of Generalissimo Franco. It is the Church that suffered from left-wing terror, and it is a completely scandalous approach to history and the truth about what really happened in Spain ... You have my full sympathy and I hope and believe that the memorial will not be destroyed nor closed and that one the day will worship the memory of the great man and statesman, who has rescued Spain from the horrors of the world war.
Pavel Nohýnek, Czech Republic
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